What do I wear?

Casual dress is appropriate. Dress in what’s most comfortable to you - jeans and t-shirts are also very common.

Where do I go?

When you come in the front doors of the school a Greeter will welcome you and give you a worship bulletin. There is a Visitor Table where you can find information about what is currently happening at with us, and there is also a breakfast table with coffee, donuts, and bagels. Worship starts at 10:30am and usually lasts until 12pm.

WHERE DO I take my children?

Nursery for children ages birth to 3 years old is available during the entire worship service (10:30am-12:00pm). Children 4 and up are welcome to attend worship with their parents and PreK-2nd Graders can attend our “Grapes + Peas” class. Children in Grapes + Peas participate in the first part of worship, are dismissed during the sermon for a children’s lesson, and return before the Eucharist.

What is the service like?

Our worship services typically last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can listen to previous sermons here.

When and how does Grace + Peace celebrate the Eucharist?

The Eucharist, otherwise called Communion or the Lord’s Supper, is celebrated weekly at Grace + Peace. Starting with the front row the people walk up the center aisle, receive the bread from a Pastor or Elder, and the wine or grape juice (inner circle of the tray) from a communion server. Ushers will direct you when and where to go. You may partake of the bread and wine as you receive them and then return to your seat down the side aisles. All baptized Christians who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ are welcome to participate in the Eucharist meal. Children who have been baptized and interviewed by the elders or ruling body of their church are also welcome to the table. Younger children may come forward with their parents and receive a blessing while you receive communion. You may cross your arms over your chest when you come forward or remain seated if you do not wish to partake in communion.