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New Sermon Series Begins Next Week: That You May Know: Confident Discipleship for the Long Haul. Have you ever had the opportunity to sit at the feet of someone wise, trusted, and road-tested? Perhaps a grandparent, a work mentor, a pastor of retiring age. They are in the mood to talk about life and lessons learned. They are going to impart wisdom in their own way, and you know that if you can cultivate ears to hear, if you can pick out the melody amidst the harmonies, you are receiving a treasure beyond measure. We have such an opportunity as we explore 1 John together this summer. John the “beloved disciple” has walked with Jesus, helped launch his kingdom movement, and pastored people and communities for a lifetime. In this beautiful little letter he is reflecting on the fundamental realities of life as Jesus’ followers: faith, love, obedience, overcoming sin, abiding in Christ. His invitation is not just to believe these are true but to experience the joyful assurance that comes when we live as if they are true!

Women's Ministry: Monday, July 22nd 7-9pm: Prayer Night at Louise Pinckney’s home. For more information, email Louise Pinckney at

Attention parents! If you are comfortable with Grace + Peace using photos of your child(ren) on our website and social media, please fill out the Media Release form in the foyer giving your consent and give the signed form to Mike or Mary Carlisle. Thank you!

East Austin Young Life Summer Campaigners: Summer Campaigners is a bible study for high school students and it meets every Wednesday, through August 7th from 7PM-9PM at Covenant Presbyterian Church 3003 Northland Drive, Austin, TX 78757. If you are interested in providing food or serving food, it will be for 50 people but it may change as the summer goes by, the coordinator will be sure to keep you posted as the number changes. If you feel that you may not be able to provide food, but would be available to pick up food that someone else provides, that would be great too! Here are the full list of needed dates: July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31, August 7. Contact Hillary Foister at or (919)-917-2688

New Member Class: We have heard from several families that would like to join Grace + Peace. The next New Member Class will be in September, and will be led by our new Senior Pastor!

Care Portal: The CarePortal through the Global Orphan Project is a great way to connect with foster families and children in the Austin area. The CarePortal is a system that connects CPS caseworkers and churches to help fill needs for these families. There are opportunities for every level of time commitment. If you are interested in learning more or volunteering please contact Heather Dennison at, or 214-300-8307.

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