God our Father is – by nature – an hospitable host, inviting people into His family to dwell in love with Him and with each other, enjoying the graces of unity. Grace + Peace Austin, as His family, is called not to reject, judge nor blend into culture but instead to invite and warmly welcome the sojourner and stranger into our family, looking in faith and expectation to how the Lord is knitting our stories together into His great story.


We strive to be an authentic family, freely confessing our sin, brokenness and need to each other and mediating God’s grace and peace to each other generously.

Sacrificial Love

The family of God loves in spite of hardship and disappointment. It is committed to each other through thick and thin. It extends itself for the brokenhearted, the lonely, the confused, the lost. It speaks the truth. It cares for the sick. It gives voice to the voiceless. It sacrifices, just as Christ has sacrificed himself for us.

Growth in Maturity

As we look to the Spirit of Christ at work in us we are teachable, always seeking help from a mentor and always looking for someone we can help along the way.


The Grace + Peace Austin family sees and celebrates the work of a Father who is good and active and redeeming ourselves, our city and our world.

Courageous Rest

The all-knowing, all-comforting, all-reliable God is the Father of our Grace + Peace family and we are called to courageously rest in His guidance, provision and protection every day.