The next adult Sunday School class will begin on September 17, 2017.
If you have a Sunday School subject you would like to explore, please reach out to Jay Simmons.  

Jesus in the Gospels

September 17, 2017 - October 8, 2017

This new adult Sunday School class led by Steve Britt will begin September 17. The goal of this time will be to experience who Jesus is in the Gospels. What is Jesus like? How does he act? What does he say and care about? We'll read together through large passages and reflect how Jesus comes through to us. Lots of reading aloud, some discussion, no lecturing. Each session will stand on its own. Printed texts will be provided, but bring a bible if you like. Children's Sunday School will be happening simultaneously for 4 year-olds through 5th grade, but older kids are also invited to join in on adult class. Nursery childcare is available for children 3 and younger. Breakfast provided.

The Freshness of the Fathers: The Relevance of the Early Church for Faith Today

In February and March 2017, we looked at the faith of Christians in the first few centuries AD. We discussed the many parallels with issues we face today while also highlighting the different approaches they often took to address those in their day. The presuppositions, practices, and postures of the Church leaders and laypersons inspired us to think in fresh ways about theology, worship, and culture. Class was led by James Wood.

Week One — February 5, 2017 (no recording due to technical difficulties)

Week Two — February 12, 2017

Week Three — February 19, 2017

Week Four — February 26, 2017

Week Five — March 5, 2017

Navigating the White Water Rapids of Culture & Politics

In January 2017, Marvin Olasky led Grace + Peace is discussing how to apply the Bible to current events without either underusing or overusing Scripture (ignoring the Bible when it's clear, using it for political advantage when it's unclear). We discussed ways Christians can examine controversial issues without coming to blows or making an idol out of politics.

Week One -- January 15, 2017

Week Two -- January 22, 2017 (no recording due to technical difficulties)

Week Three -- January 29, 2017

Homosexuality & Christianity: A Message of Hope

During the month of October 2016, Lance Lawhon taught a Sunday School class on the subject of homosexuality and Christianity. The class tackled the polarizing views presented by the world and the church. We examined causes of homosexuality, issues of identity, calling, the biblical view of sexuality, and community. Download the syllabus for additional information.

Week One -- October 2, 2016

Week Two -- October 9, 2016

Week Three -- October 16, 2016

Week Four -- October 23, 2016

Week Five -- October 30, 2016