Grace + Peace offers membership classes twice a year. The class is required prior to formally joining Grace + Peace.

For Whom? “How do I get involved here?” “Who are these people?” “What does this church think about ___?” “Why do they do ___ that way?” If you are asking any of these questions, this class is for you. It is for anyone who is interested in membership or would just like to know more about the church. You do not need to be ready to join to attend. 

When? The membership class typically occurs over two sessions, generally on a Friday night and Saturday morning.

What? We begin by hearing from each other with each person/family sharing briefly about how they ended up at Grace + Peace Church. Then Jay will share the broad vision of the church. The next morning we will walk through a detailed breakdown of the vision statement and what those concepts mean for our church family. We will discuss the nature of the gospel and what it means to be formed by it. We will sketch a brief history of our denomination and its unique characteristics/emphases. We will dream about how we truly live into the grand calling of being the family of God which also exists to serve the city around us. Lastly we will touch on “hot topics” and leave some time for Q&A. 

Childcare is provided during membership classes. For questions about the class, please reach out to Jay Simmons. For questions about your membership status, please reach out to Robbie Jane Pope