Burundi Miracle Project Update

On March 28 the container saga came to an end and the shipment sent in early December from St. Louis arrived in Bujumbura. It contained 130 boxes of bedding, clothes and other supplies for the orphans in Mama Georgette’s care at La Providence, along with a Tacoma pickup, nicknamed “Little Miss Tacoma.” The shipment arrived just in time for Easter, and at the Easter service 300 children living in the poorest areas of Bujumbura were asked to return on Easter Monday to receive sleeping mats, rice, beans and corn, “tangible proof that Christ gives new life.”

Plans are underway to open a medical clinic this year for the the orphaned children of La Providence and the surrounding community, and Mama Georgette is working to raise funds to purchase medical supplies and clean medicines for this clinic. She continues to minister and care for the neediest children in Bujumbura through her One Meal program that offers Bible lessons for children ages 1-12 and distributes enough food to each child attending to have one meal a day. Through generous and faithful tithes in 2017, Grace and Peace was able to help One Meal expand to feed 300 additional children a day for 6 months and to pay the customs fees for the container.

Mama Georgette writes, "The children and Board are in thanksgiving and prayer for all people who were involved in making the container miracle happen. Even though there have been many obstacles on the way, God continues to show that nothing will stop His work in Burundi. I am convinced that He will be known as Lord and Savior by this amazing work at this very special time.”

For more information about the Burundi Miracle Project, please visit https://www.givestlday.org/burundiproject.